Pops, Poppy, Dear ol' Dad

I don't know what I would do without my Pops, who makes me feel like I can do anything just by telling me "I'm gonna need your help."
A couple weeks ago on my way to Sunday school with Ella, we headed down Hog Trough Road. I love that we go to church by way of dirt roads. When we got to Mom and Dad's farm, Dad's new semi-truck was blocking the road. They have a short steep drive and every time he edged forward  to gain more momentum for backing up the hill, he lost more traction.
By the time I arrived, he was out of forward room and stuck. I pulled over and jumped out to be sure he was okay. As he came walking through the yard with a chain draped over his shoulder, he said "I'm gonna need some help." He hooked one end of the chain to his semi and the other to his pickup truck. I jumped in the pickup, sunday dress and all. He said over his shoulder as he went to climb in the big-truck (as the kids call it) "When I give the signal ease back until I can get some traction." Slow and steady we pulled the semi back up the hill. I got down out of the truck and climbed back in my jeep where Ella was patiently waiting. We headed down the road to church again.
It was worth being a little late.
Later, I was thinking about how such a simple task could make me feel so proud, useful, satisfied, empowered even. I thought what a gift my dad has given me, to feel like I can tackle anything I choose. By him simply believing I can, I believe I can too.

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