Ellie's Popsicles

What you'll need:
muffin tin (12 holes, regular size)

1.5-2 cups organic grape juice
1 organic apple, cored
1 cup fresh spinach
1.5-2 cups water

What you'll do:
Add all ingredients to the blender (I use the "whole juice" button on mine)  
Blend until liquefied
Pour into muffin tin  
Place in freezer 
After 15-20 minutes, add toothpicks
Freeze solid (approx. 1 hour)
To release popsicles, dip pan in shallow warm water, grasp toothpicks and turn popsicle slowly then lift out of tin


I Need Your Help

I know what I love about Bem General: local crafted artisan goods, vintage funk and junk reinvented, heirloom seeds, organic pure teas and herbs, holistic spa services, and our strong Bem community.
I would love to hear what YOU love about Bem General online, storefront, or historic building. Tell me a favorite good, story, or idea. It can be something you've purchased or something you'd like to see for purchase. 
I can't wait to hear from ya'll.
Until then, here are a few more pics from our booth at Spring Fling in the City.