Reflecting on Riverbluff Farm: I

As the Farmhouse Kitchen renovation continues; we have been living a cycle of cleaning, sorting, moving, assembling, dissassembling, reassembling, reflecting, crying and laughing in no specific order. Most of the appliances are now in place and the layout has been finalized. The countertop installers have taken a template and the soapstone has been ordered; therefore, we should have a working kitchen again in 2-3 weeks.
Expanding the kitchen forced us to move our office workspace to another area of the farmhouse. And, as everyone who has moved an office before knows, moving an office requires a lot of paper sorting. While paper sorting is not at the top of my fun-things-to-do list, reading my mom's old newsletters and short stories about life as a novice farmer with a full time job and growing family is. Along with the stories and sketches that Mom has put on paper since she and Dad brought us to live on Riverbluff Farm in the summer of 1986, are the articles from various publications featuring the work of our family's farm. The following article is the first in the "Reflecting on Riverbluff Farm" series in which I will share our collection of stories.

For those of you that notice details...
Our farm sign is dated 1985 since Mom and Dad had the farm little over a year before we moved here.