Mildred and the Cross Country Bus

Any of you who keep goats, or have any dealings with goats, probably know that they are notorious fence escape artists. At this moment, honestly at any given moment, our little herd is open ranging it. When you live on Hog Trough Road open range goats + the local high school cross country team training = Millie's first bus ride. I say first as there will likely be others. This sweet, but forward little girl has no idea she's a goat.
So the story goes... The cross country team has been training on our road lately. We see them run by, a little while later the bus goes by to pick them up at the end of their run, and hauls them back to school. Evidently Millie saw them running yesterday afternoon and thought it seemed like a great day for a jog. So, she joined in and followed the kids all the way to their destination. When the driver came to pick up the runners, Millie being one of the group now, loaded up.
You can imagine the surprise (well maybe not so much surprise, when you've had goats as long as we have their antics transition from surprising to mostly amusing) amusement of my dad and daughter (and Dad will say he is NOT or NEVER has been amused by goat antics, but WE know he wouldn't have it any other way) when the bus slowed in front of the farmhouse, the doors opened and Millie trotted off. My daughter couldn't wait to retell the story at dinner time while laughing hysterically. As my brother said, "only on Hog Trough."

With a face like this, we should have known she was gonna be trouble.  ;)


The Writing was on The Door

This most amazing thing happened to me yesterday, what a gift!
In the past week my sister, her husband and I have been preparing a space at Bem General for massage therapy and reflexology sessions. I was replacing a door, which I had removed when we first moved into the store to create more space. As we continue to refine our offerings and create a place for community to gather once again, we arrange and rearrange, paint and repaint, add and remove until we get it just right. Yesterday I went to the upstairs loft to retrieve a door for REhanging, I noticed a yellowed piece of paper pasted to it just above the door handle. I was in a hurry as our first client was arriving in a few hours so I thought, I need to read that later-- see just what it says.
After hanging the door, I was checking the latch and that yellowed piece of paper was right at eye level.
These are the words:
It is only in giving that we receive.
It is only by sharing that others believe.
How can we have if we don't even give
A bit of our love so that others can live?
When we open our hearts and our dreams up to see
We take a big chance, just between you and me
People may laugh, some may scoff at our style
But finding a dreamer makes it worthwhile
So see the big picture it's easy to do
Don't let the dream stealers take it from you
Know in your heart what you're doing is right
Fix firmly your goals and keep them in sight.

That last bit really got me, took my breath away really. How could it be that right at that moment, those words were revealed!? My heart is grateful to the author who wrote those words down, the paster who pasted them to the door, and the dreamers AND doers that live and work with me daily.
I repasted the peeling edges and sealed them with several coats of mod-podge, which I just happened to have on hand...let's just say I pretty much carry that stuff around in my back pocket.
Here's to open hearts, minds, and dreams, friends!


Sometimes When I Mop, I Think

What would happen if we chose to give as much attention and energy to the people of our communities that personally make a difference through their own actions and deeds as we choose to give celebrities and politicians?
It is people that create change and stand to uphold our moral code.
Know your community.
Support what you believe and love truly, and respectfully do something to change what you don't.
Be authentic.
Be real.