combining 3 gallons of milk into one pot
letting the cream rise
skimming the cream--the thickest, richest cream ever!

traces of milk after skimming the cream
cream in the mixing bowl 
(approx. 2 qt. from 4 gal. milk)
churning the cream 

I had the mixer set a little high
turned it down to the "stir" setting

"stir" setting works great
you can hear the butter slosh in the buttermilk when it's done

butter draining in a muslin lined colander on top a pot to catch the buttermilk
drained butter
squeezing the excess buttermilk out

smaller second batch 
all the cream didn't fit in the mixing bowl 

Next time I think I'll try some cultured butter. I can't wait for herbed butter this summer! 
Now, it's on to making some cheese and yogurt from all the milk I still have in the fridge.