This year at Riverbluff Farm, we had two of our does bred to kid. Pearl, our purebred Saanen (and daughter of the beloved Tasha and Wyatt) kidded first adding a another girl to the herd and a boy. The boy went to his new home over the weekend, (Yay!) and is now destined for the Gasconade County Fair. Ella can't wait to visit him there this summer. "The County Fair is her faaavorite fair," she says. 

Pearl and her 1 day old babies.

Birth of the baby boy. 
I was lucky to capture a little video this year. Pearl had escaped from the barn and wasn't with the rest of the herd when I found them. Knowing she was due to kid soon, I went looking for her. It was the day before our last big snow storm came through. We needed to find her and get her back to the barn or her babies would freeze. When I found her, she had already started the birthing process; I could see two tiny little hooves. After trying without success to coax her back to the barn I just settled in, watched, and waited. I was an hour late getting the store open that morning, but it was worth it. Witnessing a birth never gets less amazing, it is the most exciting and scary and moving process.

Beautiful Tasha and my favorite sweet boy Wyatt

One week following Pearl's babies, Gertie had two of the most adorable and sweet girl kids I've ever seen. Gertie is our sweet and social Nubian. She's the first to come to the fence to say hello, and don't even think about going in the barn without giving her an ear-scratch. This year her babies took on more nubian characteristics than last, so we got some color and long floppy ears. :) One is a pale peachy white and the other a lovely latte color. Latte became Lottie, but we may need some naming help again this year for Pearl's girl and Gertie's little peach.

Lottie, Gertie and peachy girl.

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