A Stick-in the-Eye

I realized when I gave myself time this morning, time to think and be, that I've been holding myself in pain this week. Small pains, like the worry of overwhelm, the fear of judgement, and then the stick-in-my-eye physical pain. Literally, I jammed a stick in my eye while cleaning up the yard this weekend! With my eye on the mend this morning, the physical pain and discomfort subsiding (I don't recommend a stick in the eye, trust me it hurts!), I stopped to think about the choices we make in life and where we choose to dwell. This place of pain and fear, no matter how big or small, is a place of limits and stagnation. While thinking about where I was dwelling this morning in my small pains and in the bigger pains of our world, I began shifting my thoughts to love which is exactly what I needed but couldn't see for all the busy-ness of my brain.
Of all the places in the world to dwell, I choose love.
From love comes healing, and peace, and strength, and bravery.
I've seen people posting a Mr. Rogers quote about looking for the helpers in tragic, disturbing situations. That thought and mindful image are great reminders of the balance in life. Where there's hurt, there is help and where there's pain, there is love.
Just look for it, be open to it.
I love love; it's warm and fuzzy, light and tingly, it's melty and gushy, and safe. Love is peace.
In looking for love, remember to find it within first. When we can find space to extend love to ourselves, we are able to cultivate true peace and healing with an abundance to share. When we choose to extend love to ourselves, our families, our friends, our communities, our nations, and our world, we choose a better place to dwell.
May true peace and love be yours today, my friends.

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