Coming Clean

Today is THE DAY for me! I'm starting my road back to complete health. I'm making room in my fridge and my life for space! No more saving anything that I don't use " 'cause somebody may need it."
I'm starting the Specific Carbohydrate Diet lifestyle plan today. At first glance it may seem extreme or too restrictive, but I am actually rejoicing and feeling freed by its simplicity today. (Stay tuned, that may change by the end of the week ;-) )
In all honesty, I have been really sick. So sick I didn't fully realize how bad it was until I started feeling better. (In February I started seeing an integrative health practitioner and committed to a grain free diet, that was when i started to see a real change.)
This morning as I was cleaning out the fridge AGAIN, I thought now is the time, I need to share this story. I know I'm not the only one feeling this sick. I know that because, the progress I have made and the things I have learned already on my journey back to full health have been from others who have been brave enough to share their stories. I also know because, when no one else is looking, people talk. People who share many similar experiences and symptoms, but somehow have felt like that's just how their body reacts or maybe it's just the power of suggestion. Because, you know, gluten-free-whole foods are just the latest health food fad. We have laughed and cried and laughed until we've cried about all the crazy things we've done or thought about doing.
But what I do know for sure is, we have amazing power to heal when we provide the space for it to happen. So, for the next 90 days. I want you to watch for the stories from my healing journey here as I tackle "the whole enchilada" of life. Feel free to share and cheer me on (I know I'll be needin' plenty of that).
I promise there will still be plenty of the normal stuff on here too, like goats in cars, and trucks, and school busses.

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  1. I've always loved traveling, April. I'm looking forward to sharing your journey. Cheers to health, and getting there!