March and April are months of deadlines for me. Deadlines for finishing projects and beginning new ones. While I'm super excited for the new projects, I'm feeling a tad bit overwhelmed about pulling everything together in order to move forward. My house feels like it's in a varying state of disaster, outside garden projects are looming (at home and at the General), fencing needs reworking, animals (inside and outside) need tending, and the list goes on. I need better organization I think. How do I manage that when I'm already feeling overwhelmed? My best strategy is dive in and tackle one project, usually early in the morning before I'm really awake enough to think. Action is the best antidote for overwhelm. That works great; but do you ever feel like you finish one thing, turn around and there are ten more?! You see where I'm going here. I'd love to hear your best strategies for tackling multiple projects at once, at home and work. Help!  :)
Here's to the season of change!

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  1. Ugh, I soooo understand, April!!! My busy season is gearing up, too, and I'm behind. I don't have any great wisdom, other than one that is very hard for me - ASK FOR HELP!! There are lots of people in the Bem General Community (I always think of it that way), so don't hesitate to ask. As for better organization? I think it's a myth.... ;)