Hot Start

I'm not saying I'm giving coffee up, but I have to have something hot to drink while I start my day. Call it a habit, call it a morning ritual, call it whatever you want, but I need it. And, because I need more than 1 cup, I could use something other than coffee or tea to sip on in the morning.
I tried the hot water with lemon drink, but it's just not enough to satisfy. I've been drinking it anyway hoping I would acquire more of a taste for it. (I'm still hoping...)
This morning I decided maybe I could add some coconut oil since I'm always looking for ways to add more coconut oil to my diet, other than cooking with it.
So, I added a teaspoon or two of coconut oil to my hot water with lemon and enjoyed it so much I had two cups! The coconut oil adds a richness thats almost like fresh cream, yum.
Now I'm putting it in my coffee AND my lemon water. Since I am a multiple cup drinker, hence the trying to cut down my caffeine intake, I use 1t at a time. If you are a one-cup-and-done drinker, use up to 1T per cup.
It's lip gloss and a cup of joe rolled into one!

I use Dr. Bronner's brand which has a nice light coconut flavor. The mug is a Susanne Harmon original; her work is available at Bem General.

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