Hello again. I've given myself a little time off lately and it's been good. Even when the thing you do everyday is the thing you love with all your heart and would do no matter what, it's still nice to have some time off. Tuned out, turned off, disconnected and reconnected.

I'm not sure I really even meant to take time off, it just kinda happened.

After our magical night with Feeding LeRoy at Bem General, we spent time catching up with old friends and hanging out. We said goodbye and then continued to relish the visit. Even now thinking about it, I can still feel it. A good friend summed it up best in her note to me, Feeding LeRoy at Bem Gen was a night of pure magic and love all mixed up together. I don't think my feet hit the floor all night.

I never really got back into full routine that week. The weather turned bitter cold the day after our friends left town and then I caught a nasty bit of the junk going around. So I took full advantage and retreated, curled up, and shut down. I'm so glad I did. I needed that time and didn't even realize it.

Ready to get back to work and back to our routine this week, I got THE BEST surprise in the mail. I'm still pinching myself. One of my photos got published! In an international print publication and I had no idea it was coming! Holy crap, awesome!

When my husband came to pick me up monday night because our car broke down (not awesome) there was a package on the truck seat addressed to me that said "complimentary artist copy." Hmm, artist. Let's just say opening that package was better than Christmas! I jumped out of the truck to go back into my parents' house and tell my family. My husband insisted I at least wait until the truck stopped moving and off I ran.

The farmhouse erupted with cheering and hugging and jumping up and down.
It. was. awesome.

Good news was just what we needed, and this was some fantastic news. It feels so good to see something I've created be enjoyed and appreciated by others. What a rush to put yourself out there and then have it come back to you. This post is the one that spurred it all. I wrote this just a few days before submitting my photos to "Somerset Digital Studio." I took a leap of faith and just put it out there, let myself be vulnerable and brave. I couldn't be happier I did and that April 1st this issue will hit the stands with my little photo from Bem, MO in it.


  1. Thats so awesome. I remember you telling me you were going to do this! Good for you and well deserved! Love ya!