Resistance and Gratitude

Chores! Why do I sometimes feel like I'm the only one who does them? Right now my bathrooms desperately need to be cleaned, especially the master, and I just don't wanna do it!
So here it goes, instead of feeling put upon to clean a filthy dirty bathroom, I'm going to be grateful that I have a chore to do which gives me purpose and in the end joy, because I LOVE a clean bathroom.
I'm making room for gratitude.
I recently cleaned out our closet and had the same feelings about it. Clothes were scattered everywhere, I had to dig through a pile on the shelf every morning for underwear and turn a blind eye to the piles of unused shoes and clothes that filled the corners.
After removing everything we no longer needed or wore, there's space! When I open the door to my closet in the morning I feel happy and peaceful instead of agitated and overwhelmed. I love my closet now and that's just a closet, imagine how a whole room feels!
I know the idea here is simple, and definitely not new, but I have to stop and think sometimes about why I get so resistant to doing the simple things that need done. I can be pretty good at putting my blinders on and moving through a space without taking the care that it needs, when I get busy or am rushing. The mistake I make is feeling like I'm the only one. Life is busy. Physically taking time to put effort into simple chores gives my brain time to slow down.
Often the perspective I gain through these intentional chores (while it may feel like pulling teeth sometimes) has potential for as much a source of joy as the end result.
On this morning I am grateful for the ability to provide clean bathrooms and closets for myself and my family.
It's the little things ;)

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  1. I love the idea of intentional chores and making way for gratitude! I'm going to think about that as I clean my house this weekend, and there's a pesky corner of my illustration studio that seems to be collecting papers that need clearing out. Thanks for the inspiration! X Jane