Truth Telling

It's all about truth. Telling the truth. 
I don't mean just saying the truth or hearing the truth, I mean how to tell what the real true-to-you truth is. Have you ever noticed when you discuss truth with someone in order to resolve a conflict, suddenly the discussion turns to a blame game. You go from talking about how you feel to sorting out who said what.

The blame can go wherever it needs to go, I am not concerned with that. What I am concerned with is knowing, feeling what is true. I'm not talking about what someone tells you is true, and then says they don't know how to make you believe it. Truth isn't something you believe, it's something you recognize. It's something your gut recognizes, your mind sees. It's not something that requires convincing, it requires knowing. How do you know? You already know, it's that feeling that something just isn't quite right no matter how convincing the circumstances may be. Need help? Use the tools I wrote about in Turn and Face the Change.

After recognizing and knowing, comes acknowledging and acting; that's where bravery comes in 'cause it is not easy. It's easier to put truth aside or bury it and go on about your way, but then that gets complicated too. Your body, mind, and spirit reside somewhere in conflict when you do that. 

Why does it even matter? For a body, mind, and spirit to reside in health, they must be in a state of ease. Conflict and ease don't live together well. So, the next time someone you love says "tell me the truth"  and you're tempted to tell them what they want to hear, think of the anxiety, regret, blame, and worry you'll save yourself in the long run. And the more you practice living by truth, the really true-to-you kind, the more at ease you will become.

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